The start of something new


Today I had my first lesson with Monika Björn and I feel great. Monika is a personal trainer or might I say, THE personal trainer.  Im not driven by loosing  weight or getting tons of new muscle. My main goal is to change my body and change habits. With that said I am today to stiff, my muscles are to short and this will in the long run create problems for me. Already at the age of 29 I feel how this limits me in almost everything I do. Therefor the main goal with Monika is to make me mobil,  to make my muscles longer so I can have a long life without injuries due to immobility . Today i can´t evan do a real squat, but that is about to change. Im gonna try and write about my progress, because I don´t think I´m alone with this and I would like to share tips on how to amp up ones mobility. To be continued.

Love Isa.

( the pics are borrowed from Monikas page om facebook. She is truly an inspiration.)10659141_649571991816539_88074225961832748_n 10687013_646494225457649_6201019801188665186_n

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